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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

2 Great Opportunities!!!

Number 1: We have been asked to close the mind, body and spirit fair at (wait for it) Whitby Pavillion (main stage)on Monday 4th May (it's a bank holiday). We will be given complimentary tickets for the event which starts on the Sunday. The organiser has said that she would like to close the ceremony at 4pm with some thank yous and meditiation and could we do the final bit from 4:40pm for 20 minutes.

Number 2: The same woman (Di, from The Healing Touch, Sandsend) has also come back to us regarding the healing retreat at Sneaton Castle (24th - 26th July). Can we do a workshop from 8pm-9pm for upto 100 people and then a performance from 915-945 on the Saturday night? She's offered £100 and concessionary tickets (£60 instead of £75) if we wanted to be a part of the whole retreat.

What are our thoughts? I said I'd get back to her at the end of the week.



  1. Wowwowwoweh? 2 grate opps like u say Samlet! I'd say yehyehyeth with the proviso that we take time to plan it - the performances I'd say could be a development from what we've done to date - the workshop for 100 people is a fab challenge, planning groups of people learning different bits then coming together for a performance mebe? need space and some fun planning it!

  2. I'd be up for both.
    Have we the option of being residential if we want to stay (obviously at extra cost)?
    we also have 'picnic at the priory' on may 9 with a possible future date on oct 4 with a 'full moon' event (largest full moon of the year)but need to get back to organiser about this oneto find out more.

    suddenly my life has not just become very full (it has never been empty)it has become fun,exciting and brilliantly different. this year is just getting better and better!

  3. I'm sure we can get residential tickets if we want them for them. Di said that we could talk to her about it on May 4th.

  4. I guess I'm saying Go for it.

    A note of caution is that when people pay for something they might expect a lot more. Charity gigging is less daunting. On the other hand those sort of sums are really just expenses.
    Also be aware that as demands increase, the logistics become harder, and exhaustion can set in. Personally unlikely to stay the night: if noone's going back, my last bus is 21:10 from Whitby.


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