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Tuesday 3 March 2009

Drumming for Peace

Hey gang, I was surfing for the Drumming for Peace event that Bongo Bub mentioned and I came across an amazing guy called Leo Hartshorn who has a blog page called Drumming for peace... some interesting stuff on there. Great background music player on his Blog site, he's a very accomplished drummer and blogger!

Siberia of the Soul: a poem by Leo Hartshorn

Beat the drums and the let the poets speak---Sufi mystic Jalaladin Rumi

My day begins
with hand to drum
and poet's word on page
I need the pulse
of sound and word
of rhythm and rhyme
to break the iceberg
of my frozen consciousness
a winter snow still muffles my heartbeat
my thoughts and mind
move slowly
like tractors though
the fallen snow
O drum, warm my heart
O poet, thaw my brain
I cry out from
a Siberia of the soul


  1. Great Blog Find Helen...he has loads of good internet links on his blog page, well worth a look...
    Heres the "Drumming for Peace" website that I was telling you about......(sorry its cut and paste link, not sure how to do a direct link?)


  2. Drumming itself is not an inherently peaceful activity: it can and is used to go to war and slaughter people. It depends one's approach to the matter: one can be democratic, uninhibited, creative, reaching out, but it's not always like this. Some drumming & dance I found on youtube was a bit scary - I didn't include those links.
    Poetry of course is about how a person feels, and this one strikes a chord.

  3. I like the thought of drumming for peace and as action speaks louder than words i intend to drum outside my house at some point on March 20. can't say when as i have a full day and evening or I'd invite ee by drummers to join me

  4. Hey, Chrispy, you got nice neighbours?

    I make that a Friday?


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