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Saturday 21 February 2009

Early Start and World Tour

How do we feel about meeting at 630pm this Friday and heading off to Staithes around 8 (St Peters, next to Trisha's house) to see Salam band? I'm gonna try and get a group discount for you if you're up for it.

Also how do we all feel about going on tour? We could do one day on and then a recovery day for about 4 gigs...Travel in convoy and have groupies......and everything!!!

Colin (not Bongo Col but Sea slug) is thinking about tour dates on the back of our T-shirts!!!

The world is our oyster!!


Samba Sam


  1. HURRAY Samba Sam ( Loud Rumble on many many djembes throughout the world ) Welcome to the wacky world of Ee-by-Blog. Great idea about starting earlier on Friday, what a night that'll be... ( another even louder faster rumble and a chorus of EE-BY-DRUMS and HAVE YOU GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!! ) Love Helen Drum x

  2. Sounds like a great idea, both friday and the world tour !!!!! Hinderwell, Staithes, Redcar !!! where next ? I want a t shirt !!!

  3. Hey....need to play catch up...this all sounds gr8... World tours, Salam bands next door to Tricias.....and who's got my T-shirt its Brown or Green in XL? looks like I might be needing it!!!

  4. I think the 6:30 - 8:00 is onfor Friday, so we'll get that onto the various email bulletins.

  5. World tour.... does that we can we go to Australia? I want to go surfing too ... how about Africa too.... or at least Japan...

    from Luke...wwwwwoooooooo

  6. Hey Luke! I think you should decide where we go, I like your ideas!!!

  7. Hey, Bongo Bub, have another look at the Redcar film on here... Drummer Daves' friend has your t-shirt on!!!! Helen Drum Detective at your service!

  8. Helen Drum Detective....you found it...watch this space, for the next treasure hunt....giving you no clues next time thou....LOL!!!

  9. Hey Sam, is that "Salamband" as in "Steve n Milo Salamband"? R U playing with them? Cool!!!
    Count me in....Do I need to prebook my ticket with anyone? Bx

  10. Just a thought peeps....are we going on the right night....or has Whitby Gazette got the wrong night?


    I will try and check it out.....

  11. I've got a flyer and it's deffo 27th Feb, doors open 7.30

  12. Appologies for confusing anyone about it being the wrong night......if you look at the Whitby Gazette link the article was actully for last years gig.....Doh!!!!....and hey Helen Drum Detective, your slacking!!!....LOL

    Heres the right link for the gig "This Friday" http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/wlmn/An-exotic-flavour-on-the.4973953.jp


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