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Saturday 21 February 2009

Bliggy blaggy BLOG..Blig blag BLOG !!!

Hang on a minute... try the above title bit out loud.... go on... it's 'Have you got a dog... init??
So, here we are then, splashing eround in Trish's new swimming pool... great eh? It's almost my first time too, xcept this is my third attempt to send or save or wotever, the first two failed...I'm lucky enuff to ave Aki-wowo a few doors away, so we'll get there... Scabro woz fab, I think we pick up extra energy away from home...can't wait for the TOUR in the summer..t-shirt already planned.. we gave a pretty good impression of a gang of drunken yobs after our session in the posh Library in Skabro, Sam doin her stickin-her-head-outa the sun-roof jobby like a good un, y can't do that through Hindywell eh? We need to firm up (a) who's goin to LA ROSA and get a bit of dosh in (I've paid 25% deposit already)..(b) dates for world tour.. so bring yer diaries next time. My next blig will be after the Cobweb Orchestra do on Monday..eh? wot? if you're free/curious/up4it.. let me know...love to all from Bongo Col xxx

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  1. Hi colin it's cow bell Catton here !!!! I'll see you on friday and give you some pennies for La Rosa deposit, I love your blig it's fantastic chuck !!!!


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