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Wednesday 20 May 2009

Volkspower is happening

I originally added this to the Volkspower event entry on NING but I was not sure how many people would see it there so have put it on the NING 'blog' bit and also this blog just to make sure of maximum coverage. We have been asked to arrive for 12.30 on the Saturday 30 May at the main entrance of Redcar Rugby Club (address Green Lane Redcar TS10 3RW) and we will be in action from 1pm - 3 pm. this will be in the form of a performance (as in whitby) and audience participation workshop. We will be in a marquee - but I forgot to ask about chairs! I think if you can it would be better to bring your own to be on the safe side but I will find out before we are due to play. I am not sure who has access to the Ning and will see this so please pass the word around or direct others to this comment. If you want to stay at the whole event Peter Power (organiser) has offered a discount - weekend £15 per person or £36 per family. ring him on 07981 669451 and say you are from ee by drum. for more details see his website: www.volkspower.co.uk.

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