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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Thornborough henge

We just had what approximated to an informal gig at the Beltane festival at Thornborough Henge. What a special experience that was. First there was the rather unusual but lighthearted event: because it did not take itself too seriously, that made it all the more valuable. Then it was great to jam and dance with a laid back group of people who were up for it: we were really able to see what our real potential was. The video for some reason makes it look rather more tame than it felt!

Then the jolly little ceremonies - is this a first for you, Helen Drum & Ecky Thump? Pics on the Ning click HERE & HERE. [Log into Ning first]

Finally the wonderful setting amid the enormous henge. Just how big it really is I had not appreciated until I got home, because in fact there are three of them! See this aerial photo from Google HERE. We were in the middle one. It would be a disaster if quarries were allowed to encroach on these. Find out more about the henges HERE and HERE and about the awful things that may befall them HERE.
In that map link you may be zoomed out, so the above pic shows what you should look for.
And of course the mild weather with a fresh breeze.

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