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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Making This Blog Site A Public Blog? An Idea To Explore Praps?

Hiya everyone, just had a thought... It seems that this wonderful bloggy place and the Ning are in competition with each other... Cos I think they both have really good aspects... Their main aims are to connect us together and share our love of drumming and thoughts and ideas and of course have a laugh, look at photos etc etc. Anyway what my thought was is to use this Blog as a public webby space for people who love drumming like us or are interested in joining our group. The Ning has a Blog for us to use... mebees we could tek the best of the ning blogs and put em on here? The ones we don't mind sharing with the world? Just an idea, what do people think? if anyone goes on here anymore? Is anyone reading this? Hello?


  1. Too late for that now - we'd best set up a new one. Though I agree this is a good media for a public site.
    There's too much internal stuff on this now.
    This is still a good point of call for new joiners - notice we have not had any expansion "recently" on either site.
    Hard to believe though it is, this Blogspot has only been going 7 weeks! And the ning ONLY 3 WEEKS!
    So it's important to think in the longer term, and think what the Blogspot and the Ning might be doing in the future. (& 3 weeks is too short a perspective)
    That's what Ive been doing, continuing to explore the potential of the Blogpot site - whether anyone's watching this week or not.

  2. Seealso "our bloggy Acces issues !& discussion 3rd march


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