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Thursday 5 March 2009


Do you all know about the WORLDFEST at Middlesbrough ?

....it is well worth checking it out if you like world music....I've been every year so far and it is an excellant little festival...both gigs on the 22nd May at the Arc and the 23rd May at Middlesbrough Town Hall will be well worth a visit...if its your kinda thang??!!!

heres a link for the update in the gazette.... sorry if its a cut and paste still dont know how to do links


and heres their own website but...it looks like they havent updated it with all the news....looks like I'm hot on the press....I do beleive this is a link and not a cut and paste....woohooo


Is it your kinda Thang?


  1. I think I must have gone last year or the year before, with Tinariwen topping the bill (that was Winterfest). This event needs your support. Reggae - just the job. Aswad , the tops of British reggae, had a hit much earlier than the ones they mention, but I have a certain oh-my-god association with them, of the negative variety. So I'd put a priority on the africa night if anyone else is going - being what I'm into at the moment.

  2. That right Acky...it used to be called Winterfest but think they have changed it to Worldfest now?....

    2008 was Gregory Isaacs and Live Wyya at Boro Town Hall and Beta Simon at the Arc
    2007 was Tinariwen at Boro Town Hall and Kanda Bongo Man at the ARc
    2006 was Transglobal Underground at Boro Town Hall
    and previous to that it was a canny little evening with food and performances but cant remember who/what they were….?

    All I must say, have been fantastic!!!

    I admire your choice of Nuit d’Afrique at the Arc… and a wise one it is...
    However I personally couldn't make a decision on a one night only...I just have to do it ALL… I’m "greedy for gigs" n "dancing my days” and I look upon it as a festival with a comfy bed!!! I guess if you like this kinda thing then you have to grab it while its there, it doesnt happen often enuff in these parts!!!

  3. Aswad's first big reggae hit was Warrior Charge which was also used in the 1980 film Babylon, in which some of the band members also had acting parts.

  4. Just got this info about the Worldfest gig at the ARC, note the last paragraph, perhaps we should get in touch to say we would love to be involved?

    WorldFest present Nuit d'Afrique

    Fri 22 May


    F:£8 C:£6

    Nuit d’Afrique promises a vibrant and exciting night of top quality live music from the heart of Africa, performed right here in the heart of Stockton. Previous years have featured the legendary Kanda Bongo Man (two days before he headlined in Trafalgar Square for London Africa Day) and the stunning Kasai Masai.

    The first 100 audience members will be able to take part in an exhilarating mass drum performance – turn up and be amazed!


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