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We are an all inclusive drumming group that is based in North Yorkshire. We all have the ability to drum, we all have heart beats which are the rhythm of our souls....

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Where's the pome place ??

There was a group called "EE BY DRUM"
one man called Ecky Thump
who made the most fantastic thing's
from other peoples junk

Acky was the dancer
he had the greatest moves
he'd do the soft shoe shuffle
get down and do the grove

There was a fluttie player
so soft a sound she made
the other's stopped and listened
when her instrument she played

Colingo made a lot of noise
he was really good at that
and quite often you could see him
in his back to front red hat

Now Sam well she could really drum
with her in charge things really swung
they'd all join in and have great fun
this band called "EE BY DRUM" !!!


  1. Eh? why have we got three pome places? wot's wrong with Tricia's?

  2. Great pome!! Can we add this verse?

    And as for Ruthie, what a gem
    We could really tell
    That underneath her pillow
    She kept her great cowbell

  3. There are not 3 pome places. "click for the "A pome place" " is the direct link to the Ning Pome place, in answer to the question "Where's the pome place"


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