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We are an all inclusive drumming group that is based in North Yorkshire. We all have the ability to drum, we all have heart beats which are the rhythm of our souls....

Saturday 7 March 2009

Thingmee - our latest rhythm

The low-cost online solution to the "can't remember that last rhythm" problem. It worked for me!
Sorry can't remember what it's called, but here is Samba Sam demonstrating the 3 djembe parts for this , plus an early attempt to film it altogether. (need to do that again).
You may see an apparent black space: this is djembe 3 - honest:click the little arrow.

PS It's called Sarana...
PPS: Find video "end of Saranara" HERE.
PPPS; find video for dundunba (big striking drum) part HERE.


  1. It's called Sarana and there's also a song at the beginning. I'm not sure how useful my hands are to watch with all that ghosting, I think Helen's would be better to film. She is our A star student after all!! xxx
    Well done Acky for your persistence in bettering our playing x

  2. Actually this is really usful I was practising earlier today came in really really usful, and I have found I need to put words to the rhytms to remember them !!!!! thanks Acky I think this is a great idea, maybe we could have a special section to put all our rythms on to use at home !!! Really good idea MORE PLEASE !!! I'm a mountain lover also, I just love rocks !!!

  3. Thingmee video brilliant idea, only trouble is not on line at home and use local library internet facilities. Might get a bit of "shushing" if I sat watching video n`playing mi bongo! A great idea, though and well done. Bongo Col aka The Man with the Stick.

  4. Very useful Acky, just what we needed. Every time its rained today, I've said oh, we won't be drumming on the beach today... I wonder if Carl the trumpet player was down there doing a solo. We need waterproof instuments... Ecky Thump is looking into this... We did a waterproof gig at Staithes Bonfire didn't we...

  5. We'll have to do a recording of the Sarana Song too. Is it about bringing in the harvest?

  6. Hey you're not on the beach you lot are you... doing a waterproof gathering!!!

  7. Talking to yourself Helen!!!!!! It would be good to have a chat room although not if you where in it on your own !!! No beach today it's been too cold and wet !!! I think I need Ecky thump I've got an idea for a Catton Contraption !!!!! It would be an all weather instrument and obviously incorporates a cow bell !!!!!

  8. I've been practicing this rythum it's such a good idea this although I expect my neighbours aren't best pleased !!!!! Can we have this every time we learn a new one, and maybe some of our regular ones aswell it's a great little practice tool !!!

  9. Bongo Col, you can have it all on a CD, no prob. Includes the whole repertoire

    Cowbell, if worried about neighbours or anyone else, try muffling with a cloth felt or even a sheet of paper. Of course it sounds different,but Ok as compromise.
    My intention is to put up everything I've got of us so far(quite a few already) - I hesitiated to do when it was all public, as they're mostly not very polished and might be misleading as a showcase.
    I don't think there's a way of creating a special section: but, like the diary (q.v),they could be indexed. One could create a new linked blog of course, but I think that would ghettoise the content.
    Ee by drum-taka drum-taka drum! Holism or bust!


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