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We are an all inclusive drumming group that is based in North Yorkshire. We all have the ability to drum, we all have heart beats which are the rhythm of our souls....

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Sunny Sunday on the Beach??

Well, that's the forecast.. did you see the surf today? It was beautiful - crisp and clean which I think it only can be when it's reasonably calm offshore. If you're coming to S'burn tomorrow and you've got any spare hands, could you meet me in Cat Nab car-park - I'll be there with a load of drums in case we get new recruits - t-shirts wd be fun (so wd a PICNIC!) C u there X


  1. I'm bringing a kite, bucket and spade things and Hannah, I'll try and grab my drum off you... mebees Hannahs pushchair would come in handy to carry stuff in... or a wheelbarrow...mmm.It's gonna be brill x

  2. I think the plan is to meet at 2o'clock and play for a couple of hours...! not sure which bit of beach but I would think it would be easy to find them....! the loud noisy group..!


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