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Tuesday 3 March 2009

Our Bloggy - Access issues

Hi gang! This whole access thing is a delicate balance - it seems to me that by 'closing the door' to unwanted outsiders, we've also closed off access to people - not group members - who might want to join/support/contribute. At present, there's no real value to anyone except ourselves in the entry route by Googling 'ee by drum'. If that's what people want, ok, but I'm missing being able to say - to people I know and trust -" just Google in 'ee by drum'". Surely our blog can be a vehicle for up-to the minute news and contact info as well as the superb internal thingy it's becoming for us? Do we need a home page? Wd it be too much on Tricia if we were able to join people up as 'spectators' (Acky's word).. and is our current definition of an Ee by drum blogger a group member?
Aki raised the very real danger of sheer volume of blogs and comments blogging us down, but if we had a 'spectators' gallery', people could feed comments/support etc by email to their 'sponsor' i.e. the group member who invited them in, leaving our bulging mailbag for our fabulously creative/knowledgeable selves...Wotchafink gang?


  1. My view:
    Most of the blogspot can be made publicly viewable, but blogging and commenting should only be for subscribers, restricted to people who have attended, or drummed/performed with us, at least once.
    However, though there's a case for restricting the view of some items, it's unrealistic to expect Tricia to sort out making some bits private, SO IT WILL HAVE TO BE ALL VIEWABLE BY THE PUBLIC. (As it was until recently).One just has to be aware that this is the case, and avoid pitfalls like leaving ones main email address on view.
    There's enough stuff being added to the site already, and if public comments were allowed this could destroy the internal dialogue aspect.

    It would be eventually be nice to get public comments from surfers:spectators gallery is a good idea, but what could be the mechanism? Perhaps a separate new blogsite with a link to it shown at the top of the first page, if that's possible. It could even be called Ee by Drum Spectator's Gallery. It doesn't have to be Tricia administering that: but it is a bigger responsibility since it is the adminstrator's responsibility under the Google terms and conditions to police what goes on there, in line with the T&C. Fairly simple in a closed group, but unpredictable in a public site.

  2. I'd prefer to keep it intimate, but will go with the flow.

  3. We're gonna have to debate this as a group: over tea & bics? best to get it right: there's many sides to this question. And there's such a thing as "running before you can walk."

  4. I think tea and biscuits is the way to go...but in the meantime without any open group discussion....will share my initial thoughts....

    At this blog moment in time.....this particular blog seems to be about the group members getting to know each other and keeping in touch rather than an advertisement for Eebydrum....
    ...and through sharing our "drumming related" stuff, gee-ing each other up and making plans to meet up and develop the group, I beleive that the blog is giving people the confidence to come together as a group of confident positive drummers....
    .... and making it public may take something away from that, therefore at this moment in time I personally think it would benefit from staying intermate until a later date where maybe someone might like to set up an advertising website/blog for Eebydrum?

    About PR and advertising....Any drumming meets and gigs can be advertised publiclly on the WOF or Saltburns....and it seems we dont need to adveertise our services for any world tour dates...word of mouth is making that happen!!!

    I would bring the chocolate digestives but dont think I will make the next drumming sesh!!!

  5. Yeh I'd go along with what Bublet said up there - keep Bloggy for what it's doing for us now , which is just FAB init..and tidy up the PR bit i.e. get every one up to speed with Saltburns.com, where we should be putting all our public events/seshs, and Whitby on Fire..can someone get us up to speed on how to access that? Also we need a nicer link than the present 'open only to invited..directing peeps to S'burns and WOF XX

  6. About Saltburns.com. - get joined up....

    This website is inspired by a very special man who unfortunately died a few years ago. Fif Robinson was an exceptionally bright light and he is greatly missed. His love, laughter and joy for bringing people together to either sing or dance or play drums or cook food was (and still is) inspirational.

    saltburns.com website is a place where people with a common aim of “generally making the world a better place” can come together and communicate easily and for free.

    You can use the site in two ways, you can either just look at the calendar and see what’s on in the next few weeks … or you can sign up for our free weekly newsletter that will arrive in your inbox on a Thursday letting you know what’s happening over the next 7 to 10 days.

    If you want to add an event to the calendar, it’s really easy. Simply click on the “List an event” tab then click where it says, “click here”. This will take you to a form that you fill in to say where and when, etc. your event is – then press “submit”. We then check your event, to make sure everything is above board and it will appear on the calendar during the next working day.

    The site is completely free to use, i.e. it’s free to add an event to the calendar and it’s free to sign up to the weekly newsletter. There is no advertising or pop-ups or anything like that. We’ve also taken care to encrypt your email address that makes it virtually impossible for any virus programme to read your email address. What this means in reality is that you’ll only ever get emails from saltburns.com about once every week and that we will never pass your email address on to anyone else. Enough said!

    The site is funded and run by a small group of volunteers who believe that sharing information and building a stronger community is the right way forward.

    If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the site then please email info@saltburns.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Love and best wishes,

    The saltburns.com team.

  7. Whitby on Fire...which was originally set up by Fif Robinson.....for exactly the same reason as above to bring together like minded people to enjoy what people are offering to enrich our lives with culture and be social, to share and have fun......it is now run by Jeanette Pratt who is a drummer herself and until recentyl lived in Saltburn, she now works at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park....
    Whitby on Fire is run in a slightly differant way as Saltburns.com....in that there isn't a website/calender to look at but you get emails sent whenever anyone posts an event to Jeanette, she vets them and then sends them out to everyone on the mailing list....so again....get joined up...

    Whitby on Fire - supporting creative, green and alternative culture in Whitby and the surrounding area. To join or leave the list, or to publicise a group or event please contact Janette@whitbyonfire.com

  8. Sorry about the long bloggs, just wanted to give info to those who dont know already about these sites.....
    Colin....we might have to OK it with Jeanette first about advertising Whitby on Fire....as it is run differantly, Im sure she doesnt want to get bogged down with massess of emails?
    Im sure Saltburns.com but out of courtesy it might also be nice to just ask Iain about advertising Saltburns.com

  9. Thanks for the luvly and comprehensive info Bubble - I know Iain is happy for us to use and to promote S'burns.com. I'd guess Jeanette wd be ok too, I think participation of 'folk like us' is the lifeblood of sites like these,
    promoting groups, events and activities like you so nicely describe XX

  10. Hey....your welcome Colin....and thanx for the compliment but cant take all the credit as the the saltburns.com stuff was lifted straight off the site...credit goes to Iain....Xxxxx

  11. Did nobody notice? - colin's been posting onto Saltburns, and I've been posting onto Whitby on Fire. (when I get it there in time - next two seshs have already gone out)


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