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Monday 23 March 2009

Madagascan Valiha awaiting repair

This is my Madagascan Valiha , with several broke strings. I bought this from Justin Vali himself: it was made by his family (dad I think) in Madagascar.
The strings are .5mm wires extracted from bicycle cables. I have the wire, need help - Ecky, you're the man.
The Valiha needs amplification when played in public, and of course some acoustic space among drums. Even the above video doesn't do justice to it - somewhat drowned by percusssion.
Justin Vali also plays towards the end of the following video, in a more acoustic setting:
However, this link below, actually a lesson, is the clearest illustration of what it could do in our context:
And here the malagasy branch of Ee by drum demonstrate the valiha.


  1. Hi acky well its certainly a nice instrument
    . Sounds very like a few Medieval insruments. Well we shall have to arrange a time to get together to work on it. I can bring a full compliment of tools for all needs . Let me know when you are free through e-mail perhaps .
    Or if you have our number that would be better.
    See you soon.

  2. will do - probably next week now.


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