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Saturday 14 March 2009

Kuku - or "your potatoes will be sweet if you know your onions".

The low-cost online solution to the "can't remember that last rhythm" problem.
Last year we shot two of the djembe parts for Kuku, again without the benefit of Samba Sam.
Here they are
We often know them by the mnemonics "Sweet potatoe, I like potatoe" and "SuperMARKET Un-yuns"

There are of course formal dundun parts too, (though Drumstick Dave put on a good improv show there) and at least one other djembe part.


P.S. Convention used for Mnemonic above is: Large Bold = bass, SMALL CAPS= tone, and normal italics = slap.


  1. This is a really brilliant way of showing rythms especially with mnemonics (sweet potato, etc). Maybe I could practise with my djembe in the library when I am on the internet - it could be a first?! All the best, Bongo Col aka The Man with the Stick.

  2. Mmm .....tricky word to spell, rhythm! Maybe beat better , or is it beet - The Beatles or The Beetles?! Bongo Col.

  3. Acky could you do a list of our names for the rythums and what they are really called ? Have you got a dog?

  4. Have you got a dog is KPANLOGO ( see 3 March "Blast from the past - Kpanlogo").As for a list, I'm wondering if one of the new experimental sites will do that better - though I'm not sure it will.

  5. Even videos don't make everything clear - it's often difficult to distinguish between tones and slaps (= medium & high tones) - some players illustrated aren't playing the difference. That's perhaps best left to live sessions.
    Treat these videos just as an "aide-memoire"

  6. THIS NEEDS TO MIGRATE TO THE NING NOW THIS BLOGSITE IS PUBLIC. This is out of date and not of our current standard!


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