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We are an all inclusive drumming group that is based in North Yorkshire. We all have the ability to drum, we all have heart beats which are the rhythm of our souls....

Sunday 22 March 2009

Colingos' Do

What a great party Colingo!
All the other photos are on the Ning, go on be brave, it's really not that bad! Ning Ning!


  1. loved the party - had the best sleep I've had for ages when I got home. Thanks Col, the host with the most.

    [can't see the point of ning - you can put up galleries on blogspot]

  2. Rodger your sounding like a grumpy old man !!! Ning's not all bad you know !!!

    It was a fantastic party your right, I also slept well, all that dancing !!!!

    See you on friday Rodger when I think we are going to discuss the bloggie situation, I have got a soft spot for this one, there's something very communal about it which I kind of don't get on the ning site at the moment. XX

  3. Keep the creative juices flowing undeterred wherever they take you.My point is simply - accessibility helps.

  4. Great Do Colingo, thanks for being there!

  5. Eyup youse lot.. that woz eeeasily the bestest retirement do I've bin to(thinks: have I ackcherly BEEN to any, or just imagined, all dull unheartfelt speeches and (gulp) some twisted soul GAVE ME A BIG OLD CLOKTHINGY...aaargh! It was bleedin grate, evryone I've squok to enjoyed it.. here's a quote fm a txt.."hand bruised from tambourine-bashing,knees wobbly from dancing,face sore from smiling..." Heartfelt thanks to all of u lot out there but 'in ere, our own likl bloglet - aaaw! XXX
    And speshul thanks to the creative stage-crew for their innovative and speedy work, and to Sam for making the drum finale memorable for many more than just us...those waves we send out will return to enrich us all...swooosh!


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