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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Catchup - The Zimbabwean Horsetrot of Robin Hood

Ok, so what the hell is this? Well, those who attended the drum & dance event at Fylingdale Village Hall, 15 Nov 2008, may remember this rhythm.
It's one of the infrequent examples the we have encountered of what I call 3-time, but has many names: ternary, 6/8, rapide, and the underlying beat might even be understood in conventional notation as "triplets".
It wasn't explained very fully at the time, but I've managed to piece this together. I have not been able to find dundun parts, nor any online video of it. (Volunteers required to record this!) CLICK image to see full size.
Zimababwe is of course a long way from West Africa where most of our rhythms come from. But the basic rhythm ingredients are very similar, to european ears anyway.

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