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Tuesday 3 March 2009

Blast from the past II: Kpanlogo

AKA, Have you got a dog?: Dunno I've forgotten already.
No more. These two videos of a pair of hands illustrate two of the basic djembe parts of Kpaanlogo. They are the hands of Keith from York, who led most of the Whitby Drummers sessions. This was, I think, the very last Whitby Drummers Session, at Sleights in November 2002.

Bit short? Well last October, when Samba Sam was away, we had a go at recording all 3 djembe parts of Kpanlogo, with a little big drum work thrown in. So you can now look at this when you forget. Many of us now have this on a CD, and any Eebydrummer can have the CD if can't access the internet.

Dundun parts not included here. (We didn't know about such things then, anyway.)

Tip of the day: Video too dark? Windows Media Player has a brightness control.


  1. Its funny how djembe players always loose their heads when they're being filmed! lol x

  2. That's deliberate, so you can see the detail of the handwork.

    Or am I missing the pun?

  3. make up you own mnemonics but you could try:

    great big DOG - have you got a DOG?
    scrambled EGGS- scrambled EGGS - scrambled EGGS, CUP O' TEA - scrambled EGGS.

    to synchronise with the dogs, start the first time with the eggs (not scrambled)
    eggs -scrambled eggs..

    hey this is more like "Come dine with me"...??
    The third part, that Djembe jess is playing is a rapid continuous "diddy-DUM diddy-DUM diddy-DUM diddy-DUM..." OR "cup o' RUM, cup o'RUM..." ?


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