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We are an all inclusive drumming group that is based in North Yorkshire. We all have the ability to drum, we all have heart beats which are the rhythm of our souls....

Friday 20 March 2009

Are You Going To Scarborough Fair... We did and it was Great! Look...

Acky dancing and making Woe Woe noises, we love it Acky, we need one of those tubes!

Acky demonstrating theres more than one way to play a djembe.

Colingo and Rainbow Ruthie Butter Patter Clapper Cow Bellingo.

Acky and Helen W. (Colingo has put an order in with Helen for a Didgereedoo for Ee by Drum! So don't worry Acky you'll get to have a go!)

Colingo having a swishingly good time.

A thoroughly good time was had by all, there was even a brand new member came along! Helen W has lots of great ideas for the future of Scarborough Drum Circle... eg, meeting on the beach, so although it was the last meeting in the library, the circle is unbroken and will continue spinning merrily and rhythmically... watch this space. Scarborough Library, believe it or not sells Fair Trade Didgereedoos and interesting percussion so Helen W has kindly agreed to do a bit of shopping for us, hence Colingos Didge,a percussive puppet crocodile, and an amazing hand carved duck whistle ( it'll come in handy at Staithes! ). All these items were displayed in a glass cabinate along with local craft items. Oh yes lovely food to share too... stilton, bread, hoummous, profiteroles with dip in choc sauce, bombay mix, chinese crackers and more...mmme, Ee by Yum! Thanks for having us X


  1. Great photo's Helen, Acky is an absolute star !!! I had a great time especially TRYING to play the didge !!!!!!! My be I'll be better on the Duck Whistle !!!!!! A really enjoyable evening and great company thanks to all.X

  2. Ah, the wanger tubes: there are several websites devoted to these things. I know where to get one, they're dead cheap but the postage doubles it. But I'm saving for a dondo, as you know.
    I'm passing on didging - through experience.

    I was given those hardwood drumsticks a while back and I've suddenly discovered lots of things to do with them. And found out a few more things at Scarbro. What the photo doesn't show (owing to the drum not being transparent) is that I just found out how to play the sticks like clappers, inside the drum.

    Hey you lot were swinging with some of those new rhythms - I needed some more practice at those!

    What appears to be a paper hanky sticking out of my pocket is greatly annoying me.Will download and erase that by magic.

    GRATEFUL THANKS TO: Cowbell for those nursing tips for my thumb. Colingo for setting up the jolly trip. Helen the Drum for stylish photos. Helen W & Scarbro folks for being welcoming hosts.

  3. About the musical tube AKA the wanger, whizzer tube, harmonic tube etc:
    (a copy & paste link)


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