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We are an all inclusive drumming group that is based in North Yorkshire. We all have the ability to drum, we all have heart beats which are the rhythm of our souls....

Thursday 26 February 2009

A Peace of Pre-Porridge Positivity

This Blog has clarified that Ee by Drum are a kind, caring, fun group of people who enjoy listening to each other and contributing to the whole. Rather like drumming- you must listen always to others, being aware of the whole constantly, keeping the rhythm, creating harmony... creating World Peace*, no one dominating but sharing, swimming in a vast ocean of something special. Tuning into the universe... the Uni-Verse, the one song. A part of nature not apart. Joining in, sustaining one another, sustainable. We are One, We are Ee by Drum.

*World Peace incedentally won't be all that peaceful and quiet cos it'll have djembes and percussion playing in the background. The occasional cry of 'Have you got a dog- Woof woof woof ' from someone doing Rainbow Tai Chi. People in circles thoughly enjoying throwing numerous beach balls (large and small) filled with water and coated with mud (the beach balls that is) at each other, shrieking delightedly the persons name before throwing enthusiastically.


  1. By the way... the beach ball game, for those who don't know, is a game we played on our Ee by Drum holiday. I have a photo somewhere...

  2. Right on Helen....Loving it!!! You make me Smile!!!
    Please can we have "Pre-Porrige Positivity" every morning alongside CowBellingoosingo!!!!!!!!'s "Thoughts for the day"

  3. Here ! here ! Helenitivity !!!!!! Ithink that was a great Blog Helen, and I agree with it all, see you tomorrow for another session of drum therapy !!! love ya RuthX

  4. Long live pre-porridge bloggers, we love you Helen!!! What a fantastic entry xxx

  5. quality blog! Does creativity come easier in the morning?


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