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Friday 27 February 2009

Acky Woe-Woe's highly helpful You-Tube picks

Some examples of traditional west african dancing: there's quite a variation of course, but there are certain common elements: elbow flaps, turns , dives, leg lift actions and so on.
First a male soloist dances to the classic rhythm Yolé - I don't know if this is a traditional dance or his own choreography:

Here's a troop of schoolkids (or maybe they already left school) doing a show, and conveniently showing off lots of elements:
and a group of energetic european women learners, also dancing to some sort of 3-beat I think:

I shan't attempt to replicate the energy of these fit young blokes - but hey a pale OAP imitation will do:
nor of their female counterparts (also dancing to a 3-beat rhythms ): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDfrz9jmJjE

Now I like this group who have a spontaneous feel - our sort of thing - these give out the air of a village group used to dancing at the local hop: I can just hear them shouting "Ee by drum":

Finally to get back to drumming , someone has kindly u-tubed a video of a classic line-up from Mamady Keita, whose tuition DVD I'm constantly attempting to plug. 3 djembes are playing the basic parts, and one ad-libs - they more or less take it in turns. At the back the classic line-up of Dundun striking drums: Dundunba, sangban and kenkeni, which we are starting to use. The singers notch up the performance to a whole new level :


  1. Wow, Acky Wow Wow, Amazing, Hannah loved those children and enthusiastically joined in. Those 'metal petals' on the djembes of Mamady Keita, do you think they are for amplification? I would of joined in myself but I've not had me porridge yet X


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